Parish History

We are indebted to the Lottery Heritage Fund for support in producing the history of the Churches in the parish. The following sections have been researched and compiled by local historians Patricia Bogue and Charlie Donnelly. These sections give a very interesting insight into the early history of the Parish of Donaghmore, and the two churches that now stand in the parish.

Church of St John the Baptist, Galbally

A Brief History of St. John the Baptist Church, Galbally – By Charlie Donnelly

This will give a background of the Catholic faith in Galbally area, as the faith did not just begin in Galbally with the building and opening of the Church in 1842, but can be traced back as far as the 13th and 14th hundreds.

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Church of St Patrick, Donaghmore

A Brief History of St. Patrick’s Church, Donaghmore – By Patricia Bogue

St. Patrick visited Donaghmore in the 5th century and established a church here. He converted the local people; the Fír Imchlair, to Christianity, and left a priest named Colum Cruither in charge.

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